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  • Accademia Collection
    Accademia CollectionCarlo Colombo design
  • Accademia collection
    Accademia collectionCarlo Colombo design
  • I Bordi Collection
    I Bordi CollectionCarlo Colombo design
  • Arja
    Arjathe Finnish sauna@home
  • Seaside 640
    Seaside 640Giovanna Talocci design
  • Seaside with Hydroline
    Seaside with HydrolineGiovanna Talocci Design
  • Diva
    DivaCarlo Colombo design
...and the winner is ACCADEMIA POP limited EDITION Teuco wins the Red Dot-Best of the Best 2014 with its Accademia POP bathtub

The POP Limited Edition Accademia bathtub designed by Carlo Colombo has been awarded the Red Dot Best of the Best 2014. Teuco earns the Red Dot Award for the second time!
I BordiThe universal beauty of material

I Bordi is the result of an attempt at giving an harmonic sense to the universal voice of material. The result is a wraparound space which is also strikingly simple, a textured setting designed to welcome you and tantalise your senses. Its details are naturally inscribed in the material of its components, making it perfectly suitable for any particular interpretation, from Carrara marble to the ultra-modern Duralight®, and also Grey Stone.
AccademiaThe perfect balance between material and shape

Inspired by the neoclassical balance between material and shape, Accademia embraces old-world influences. By linking the choice of materials and more classical luxury stylistic features with the most sophisticated designs, Accademia adds a touch of classic style to the most modern settings, while further enhancing existing classical environments.
Combi unitsNew “centre of the wall” Combi units: more transparent, more versatile.
It is increasingly simple to position a Combi unit:  the new "centre of the wall" version of the 382, 384 and 385 models can now also be installed with just one side against a wall, so it can fit in any bathroom environment. Design focuses on lightness thanks to the total transparency of the glass, affording clean-cut and elegant silhouettes. Ideal for the whole family and adaptable to various space requirements, the combi units offer an ergonomic design, the utmost safety and versatility, as always. 
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