Seaside Luce T09

The joint effort by Giovanna Talocci and Marco Pallocca has given rise to Seaside Luce, the new bathtub by Teuco affording a striking yet simple design and a generous surface guaranteeing maximum versatility of well-being functions, where light plays the starring role. As its name suggests - luce means light in Italian - everything revolves around light! Two illuminated decorations are carved into the translucent Duralight® panels, immediately catching the eye with their unexpected shapes: Cosmo and Wave. The Moonlight mood lighting and the waterfall complete the totally relaxing experience, which is further enhanced by the Cromoexperience function, colouring every moment spent in the water in a variety of appealing shades, making the experience truly unique. The product is a beguiling and unprecedented merger of materials, with the acrylic bathtub covered with panels made of translucent Duralight®, the innovative patented solid surface material conceived and produced exclusively by Teuco which affords maximum design flexibility. The sophisticated design of Seaside Luce conceals practical equipment, such as the concealed taps and the charming waterfall feature, both hidden inside an accessible hatch in translucent Duralight®, retaining all the successful features of its predecessor, the bathtub for the living room, plus all the technological assets of a whirlpool bath, first and foremost Hydrosonic®. A guaranteed success!
Bathtubs Seaside Luce T09
Choose the most suitable dimensions for your setting
Choose the most suitable dimensions for your setting
Hydroline Technology concealed within beauty.

Exclusive on Duralight®, revolutionary on acrylic.

Already a Teuco world exclusive on Duralight® bathtubs, Hydroline doubles its record with a surprising novelty: its application to acrylic bathtubs. Finally, the ultra-thin flush-fit nozzles replace the classic jets also on the Nauha, Wilmotte and Seaside for the bathoom tubs: elegant minimalist slits, for a styling concept offering superior performance.

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Hydrosonic® True beauty is never only skin deep.

Get back into shape while fully relaxing.


Hydrosonic® makes the massage penetrate beneath the skin, so your whole body can benefit from it. Thanks to the effect of ultrasound teamed with the whirlpool, it encourages lymphatic drainage, thus preventing the formation of metabolites (one of the causes of cellulite), speeds up muscle recovery after exercise, improves cellular metabolism and reduces stress and joint pain.

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Hydrosilence® Well-being is expressed in silence.

With Hydrosilence®, the only sound the whirlpool makes is that of flowing water, reducing noise emissions by 70%. The tub makes no noise and does not vibrate: for comfort without compromise

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