Luxury means being able to create your surroundings according to your own image and tastes. In keeping with this principle, the Autoritratti furniture range offers an endless array of material combinations, ranging from eco-leather to glass, wood and marble. Lastly, the mirrors - with their gold leaf finishes and the skilful use of black or white lacquering - are nothing but the ideal frame for a new form of timeless classicism.
It’s a question of shades
In the furniture from the Autoritratti collection, versatility rhymes with luxury. Indeed, the collection ranges from glass fronts to wooden fronts and those in wood upholstered with eco-leather, which can be teamed with tops in glass, wood and Carrara marble or grey stone.
The colour finishes are sophisticated and devised to create truly tasteful combinations, with shades ranging from classic black and white, to the colours of the soil such as dove-grey, mud and rock for wood, and the various hues of eco-leather, including white, black, leather and dove-grey.
Some suggestions