Seaside 641

Seaside 641 is the mini-pool by Giovanna Talocci designed to play the starring role in the garden, on a patio, on a veranda or even on a terrace. A true gem, now even more precious thanks to the new panels in powder pink and mocha colours, with practical aluminium inserts, onto which trays, flower pots or other storage units can be hung. The Cromoexperience system, soft cushions, a mini bar and surround sound thanks to the Oyster® Acoustic Panel system and the innovative Hydrosilence® function turn it into a magical place in which to create a unique, multi-sensory experience. Devised with an eye to the environment and to consumption levels, Seaside 641 heats up the water by linking up the heat exchanger to solar panels, thus saving on energy.

seaside 641 hydrospa - teuco
Choose the most suitable dimensions for your setting
Choose the most suitable dimensions for your setting
compact nest.the essentials concealed from sight.
Seaside hydrospas guard a secret. It is called Compact Nest, the load-bearing frame of the hydrospa, which independently supports all the weight of the product, the water and anyone in it. Made of 100% synthetic ABS material with composite reinforcement, it is a patented technologically sophisticated solution that affords a multitude of advantages. First of all, the unexposed surfaces of the hydrospa have been freed of all "difficult" materials, such as metal, which is subject to corrosion, and wood, which requires complex maintenance. In addition, the insulation is guaranteed to stand the test of time thanks to the use of polyurethane foam, which hermetically seals the compartment underneath. Lastly, it makes for easy maintenance in the event assistance is required, since the critical components are incorporated into the panels.
Hydrosilence® Well-being is expressed in silence.

With Hydrosilence®, the only sound the whirlpool makes is that of flowing water, reducing noise emissions by 70%. The tub makes no noise and does not vibrate: for comfort without compromise

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Automatic water treatment The rite of purity.

Teuco's exclusive automatic disinfecion system (AWT) lets you enjoy all the well-being and relaxation of a hydrospa at home, without worrying about disinfecting the water.

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Hydrospa heating system In your Teuco hydrospa, choose the heating system you prefer.

Discover the pleasure of a purifying hot bath in your Hydrospa, any time you want.
The heating systems used in Teuco hydrospas allow you to relax in a whirlpool in all seasons, in any weather, even outdoors.

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