Automatic water treatment
Teuco automatic water treatment

The rite of purity.

Teuco's exclusive automatic disinfection system (AWT - Automatic Water Treatment) is completely natural. Indeed, it is based on one of the most frequently-occurring chemical processes in the natural environment: electrolytic transformation of salt into chlorine, which:


  1. 1. continuously monitors the quality of the water;
  2. 2. automatically produces and administers disinfecting substances.





Advantages of Teuco automatic disinfection.


  1. Simplified management, there is no longer any need to check the water in the Teuco Hydrospa (chlorine, pH) frequently, because monitoring takes place automatically. There is no need for any substances other than salt and the pH corrector;
  2. Operating safety and a natural feeling since there is no need to come into direct contact with chlorine or other irritants, with ensuing greater compatibility with the skin;
  3. The continuous monitoring of chemical parameters and an accurate monitoring of the chlorine generation system makes it possible to prolong the life span of the mini-pool components, which are thus protected against corrosion.



A few simple guidelines for perfect water, every time, the disinfection system of a Teuco Hydrospa requires only that the owner:


- pours cooking salt into the water contained in the tub at a concentration of approximately 4:1000, as soon as it is filled;

- every time the water is changed, adds approximately 100 grams of salt for every 100 litres of water replaced;

- checks the accuracy of the pH and Redox values weekly, rather than daily.


The sensors are chemical sensors which wear over time. The first time the product is reactivated after it has been shut down for the winter, have the sensors checked, calibrated and if necessary replaced.