Hydrospa heating system

In your Teuco hydrospa, choose the heating system you prefer.

Discover the pleasure of a purifying hot bath in your Hydrospa, any time you want.
The heating systems used in Teuco hydrospas allow you to relax in a whirlpool in all seasons, in any weather, even outdoors.

When you choose a Teuco hydrospa, you can opt between two versions: with an electric heater or with a heat exchanger.

The electric heater.
This device converts the electricity from the mains into thermal energy, to heat the water safely to the desired temperature and keep it at the right temperature for the full duration of treatment.
Installing the hydrospa is simple: in the garden, for example, all you need is an electricity socket and a point of water supply to fill it. In addition, the power of the heater allows you to keep the temperature of the water at optimum hydrospa operating conditions, even outdoors.

The heat exchanger.
This system is built in 316 stainless steel and it is efficient, rapid and cost-effective.
The water in the mini-pool is channelled inside it, where it meets the heat originating from an external source, such as a boiler, a heat pump or a solar panel system. Without mixing with it, it exploits its temperature to heat up. Once it has left the heat exchanger, the water returns to warm up the pool.
An environmentally-friendly solution, especially when combined with a solar powered heating system.
Now just choose the formula that suits you.