Steam System
Teuco Turkish bath

A great idea by Teuco, for thirty years.

The first ever company to bring steam into a shower enclosure thanks to electronics, Teuco can boast know-how that is constantly being honed. Teuco creates and patents exclusive solutions which observe the principles of heat therapy, of the Turkish bath and in a logic that focuses on saving energy.

The research performed by Teuco has led to several different systems designed to suit all settings. A power rating of between 2.9 and 5.8 kW in the shower panels makes it possible to ensure an optimal temperature (of between 45 and 50 °C) at all times and a large quantity of steam (100%).

But that's not all. With Pasha, Teuco offers you a steam room which can be configured in any size, thanks to the possibility of managing power ratings of up to 36 kW.


Teuco thus allows you to have your very own Steam System in the comfort of your own home, thanks:

- to the steam which, with the innovative system, and electronics, quickly reaches the desired temperature and keeps it constant throughout treatment

- to the exclusive steam recirculation system which makes the temperature uniform.


Teuco Turkish baths not only afford moments of relaxation, but also beneficial effects for the appearance of your skin and the health of your respiratory tract. Aromas and essential oils can be added to the steam, thus stimulating your sense of smell too.


A lighting system is also available, which teams the steam or water massages with an experience that regenerates body and mind.