Duralight - Teuco Guzzini

The material that revolutionises form.

Duralight® is an innovative acrylic-based composite material, patented by Teuco. Its special characteristics are due solely to the brand's research and precious know-how of new materials. The Duralight® formula is unique, just like the technologies which Teuco uses to process it. It is ideal for creative uses, innovative designs and applications which stand the test of time, in residential and commercial environments, from hotels to shops, yachts and airports.

Teuco produces Duralight® in-house: it can therefore work it with patented processing technologies, including traditional methods. This enables the implementation of the best design solutions at all times, with the ability to choose complex forms, large objects and curved forms without joints, considerable thicknesses without adhesive, and customised products and installations.


Duralight® can come in the finish of your choice, whether matt or glossy. The latter, in particular, is intended for the hotel industry, while the standard products are available in the matt version.


Its characteristics are astounding. Indeed, Duralight® is:

- long-lasting: unfading colour under both natural and artificial light. It also ensures high resistance to stains, scratches and mould and mildew formation;

- a pleasure to touch: with its warm and appealing tactile sensation, just like a natural surface, it enhances the pleasure of contact with water;

- visually appealing: the fluid, joint-free forms are eye-catching. The surfaces have an uninterrupted flow about them, in both matt and glossy finishes;

- non-toxic: at normal temperatures, it does not release gas. When it burns, it only gives off carbon dioxide and the smoke does not contain toxic gases;

- hygienic and easy to clean: compact and non-porous across its entire thickness, it is resistant to external agents and is therefore easy to clean;

- good as new right away: the surfaces can be restored to mint condition using a delicate abrasive detergent and an abrasive sponge;

- freely pliable: Teuco's exclusive technologies for processing this material ensure total design freedom.


Teuco also offers the exclusive Unlimited service which, thanks to the extreme pliability of Duralight®, makes it possible to invent precision-engineered bespoke products, including out-of-square.


Teuco Duralight® bathtubs are the only Solid Surface bathtubs which can be fitted with well-being functions. Thus, appealing design is teamed with a focus on relaxation and fitness, while creativity is teamed with efficiency.

Paper, the first bathtub featuring Hydroline, another exclusive Teuco patent, is the perfect example. The stylish minimalist slits, designed by Giovanna Talocci to replace classic nozzles, make Hydroline the first ever invisible whirlpool. The bathtub in the Outline collection is also available with Hydroline.